Sinikka Laine

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UNIVER.SYS Character
"Signal all clear. Let's get to work."
General Information
NameSinikka Laine
Debut year1982
First published2024-04-09
Hair ColorBrown with blonde highlights
Eye ColorMoss Green
Other Information
AffiliationVirta Communications
Radio Collector
HobbiesCollecting old radios, making pastries, singing

Sinikka Laine is a supporting character in UNIVER.SYS. She is a TAN (Technological Anthropomorph) from Virta, and the leader of its Communications unit.


Sinikka is published to Moeverse on April 9, 2024.


Sinikka is earnest, and is a strong advocate for early telecommunications. She taught her younger siblings, Arvi, Talvi on the importance of clear, straightforward communication, regardless of her occasional stubbornness and dry wit. She tends to act more maturely than her peers, and despite not being considered “cool”, she remaines unfazed.

Sinikka is also an avid collector of memorabilia from bygone decades, including old radios. During her broadcasting career, her old-fashioned charm set her apart from the flamboyant ones in the 1980s.

Although she may look serious at work, Sinikka is not above letting loose and indulging in off work activities, admitting that she has been missing out to enjoy herself.



  • Sinikka is the personification of the Nokia Mobira Senator, the first commercial mobile phone by Nokia released in 1982, including its variants.[1]Though like its successors the Actionman and the Talkman, it is considered a type of car phone.
  • Her name Sinikka is partially referencing Senator. It is also a Finnish female given name meaning blue.[2]
    • Her last name Laine means wave in Finnish and Estonian, which alludes to signal waves; the Nokia Mobira Senator ran on NMT 450 (1G) network.
  • Sinikka's color scheme is mainly derived on the Senator's hardware, with additions of blue (from her name), and gold, since phone components often contain gold.
  • Her design is based on both 1980s fashion and 1920s-1930s fashion, the latter inspired by the early Golden Age of Radio, which parallels the Senator's status as an early pioneer in communications. In fact the phone does look like a radio.[3]
    • Her gold accessory on her suit resembles cords and microphones.


  • Like Arvi, she owns a car, however she didn't go as far as to modify them for high speeds.
    • Despite her old-fashioned default outfit, she seldom wears something more casual when out of work.
  • Sinikka's voice is at the lower register, which made her quite distinctive.
  • Her favorite food is anything made out of pastries.

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