Arvi Laine

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Action Companion
UNIVER.SYS Character
"Hello? This is Virta Comms calling..."
General Information
NameArvi Laine
Debut year1984
First published2024-02-17
Hair ColorPlatinum Blond
Eye ColorGreen Yellow
Other Information
AffiliationVirta Communications
OccupationTech support, street racer
HobbiesAction movies, cool gadgets

Arvi Laine is a supporting character in UNIVER.SYS. He is a TAN (Technological Anthropomorph) from Virta, and the twin brother of Talvikki Laine.


Arvi is published to Moeverse on February 17, 2024, and his visual design is published in March 22, 2024.


Arvi is industrious and passionate, especially about high-octane action movies and flashy gadgets, which fuels his tech work at Virta. Arvi also enjoys street racing and hanging out with its community (and has won a few races). However, he sometimes struggles at blending in with the people of Lumi, since his spirited attitude occasionally clashes with their usually reticent nature.

While Arvi is extroverted, there are few moments he can calm down and focus, such as during a racing competition, or simply enjoying his favorite cinnamon buns. He seldom found silence and peace to be relaxing, especially after a tiring work.


  • Arvi is the personification of the Nokia Actionman series of mobile phones, released by Nokia in 1984 as the Actionman and Actionman II.
    • Arvi and Talvi being twins are inspired by how the Nokia Actionman and Talkman series were both released in 1984, and had similar models and features early on.[1]
  • His love of action movies is derived from his inspiration, and how old Nokia mobile phones were used in action movies such as Lethal Weapon series.[2]
  • His love of street racing is based on how the Nokia Actionman was used in cars.
  • His favorite food (aside from pizza and energy drinks) is cinnamon bun.

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