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In order to keep the Moeverse Wikis well organized, structured, and friendly, we established some Rules and Guidelines for the Wiki, and expect every member from the community to do their best to follow them. Since there are many of them, do not worry much about breaking some once a while as long as you act with good intentions.

What is the Moeverse Wiki?

Getting Started

Chibi Marina sending off someone
Do not headbutt people!

The global Moeverse Principles, Rules and Guidelines apply to any Moeverse related place or Project, so make sure that you agree with these before creating an Account here. Do not troll, vandalize pages, harass people, spam, etc. Failure to do so will result in measures being taken such as a caution, the closure of your Wiki Account or a ban from the Moeverse places.

Except in exceptional circumstances, only one account per person is allowed. Create a Wiki Account here and choose a decent username. Once done, you can start contributing. Edits will initially be put on queue for moderation, and once approved and your account manually checked, you will be added to the Automoderated Group and your future edits will immediately take effect. The criteria for account approval are at the discretion of the Staff and there is no particular action guaranteeing the approval.

The Staff has the right to remove or edit any content at any time to fit the rules or for any valid reason. Please do not take this personally or negatively if this does happen. The reasons will always be clear or mentioned in the Edit's Summary.

User Pages

A special User Page is assigned to your account and belongs to the "User" namespace. You can access it by clicking on your username at the top right of the page. Use it to introduce yourself, talk about your projects, put links to your other site's profiles,... Do not create another page for this purpose.

List of Approved Wiki Users.

MediaWiki Manual

Like many others, this Wiki is based on MediaWiki. If you need it, a manual is available in order to learn all the technical knowledge like how to format text, what are categories, how to use templates,... The manual can always be accessed via the navigation menu, just click on the Help about MediaWiki link.

Allowed Content and Admissible Articles

The content on Moeverse places must be suitable for a general public as per our Principles and Rules. Do not post pornographic, violent, mature and other questionable or bad taste content. Use an language appropriate for everyone for Informative Content; you have more freedom for your own Original or Derivative Content, but please be reasonable, otherwise Moeverse might not be the right place to publish your work.

  • Links or references to sites or places dedicated to such content are also not allowed (Rule34 sites, NSFW accounts,...).
  • Characters with visible underwear or in swimsuit are criteria that will by themselves not automatically make the content questionable.

Machine (or AI) generated artworks are not formally prohibited, but it must be strictly provable that they were ethically produced: you should be able to provide the whole training dataset which must only consist of content acquired with proper permission, and the algorithm such that anyone else can regenerate that same artwork or equivalent.

The use of tools such as machine translators or summarizers is permitted, as long as you carefully check that what you write makes sense. Such services should not be credited or cited.

Types of Content

The Moeverse Wiki hosts three types of content,

  • Informative Content: these are mostly documenting established subjects such as notable Characters or media and merchandise featuring them.
  • Original Content: these are original works made and published by Moeverse Members, not derived from an existing work, though some inspiration is allowed.
  • Derivative Content: these are works made and published by Moeverse Members, that are derived from existing works.

While we accept all of them, the Moeverse Wiki focuses more on Informative and Original Content, and Derivative Content is kept clearly separated from the rest. Consult the article admission criteria for more information and specific Rules. Also take a look at the Copyrights page, notably to be clear about what other people can do with anything you add to the Wiki.

Creators should also read the Original Content Rules and Guidelines.


Uploads must be relevant for at least an admissible article on the Moeverse Wikis, and not be redundant. Artworks made by the original artist or designer, or considered as "official", should be privileged for non-original characters. The Upload Form provides some Rules, please follow them.

To upload a file, click on the Upload file link on the navigation menu, this will bring you to the Upload Form. Please fill the summary with the File Information Template with as much information as you can, though you can also always edit and complete your upload entry later.

Additional Upload Rules are precised in the Upload Page, please follow them.

Page Edition

In general, feel free to improve existing articles by editing them to fix typos, add illustrations, complete sections,... Really, do not hesitate, that is why wikis exist!

However, do not edit another user's original content or user page, even if it is to fix a typo. Instead, try to contact the user about this. If there are structural issues like missing or wrong categories, the administrators regularly look at new changes and will certainly catch them, so let them fix those. If you see a particular problem that remains unfixed, you can always contact them.


When writing Informative Content, your additions should if possible be verifiable via reasonably reliable sources, like they would be on Wikipedia. That being said, we do not have a strict "No Original Research" policy like Wikipedia, so if you have interesting statements that are found nowhere else, feel free to include them.

Back non trivial statements with References using Ref tags, like <ref>[ Moeverse Wiki]</ref>, or provide pertinent External Links under the appropriate section.

  • Always try to find the original source of a given information, rather than a place that might have relayed it, unless there is no known practical way to retrieve the original sources or if the Rules prohibits the inclusion of such sources.
  • Provide the original page in the original language unless the equivalent content translated (not automatically) in English is directly available on the site (do not use a translation by a third party).
  • If the original source is no longer available, but has reliably been archived elsewhere else, provide the latest known pertinent archive.
  • Generally, references to sites or places with sensitive or questionable content may only be included if it is the original source or only place providing a given interesting and pertinent information, artwork, or if it is a pertinent company or artist page. Try to find alternate places. References to places dedicated to such content (Rule34 sites, NSFW accounts,...) are never allowed.
    • Original Content Pages may in general not include such references.
    • When such content is easily accessible, properly mark the reference with the Sensitive Reference Template.
      • A "I'm over 18" prompt or similar is not enough to consider the content as not easily accessible, as well as +18 indications or similar, or content behind a warning, while the mandatory creation of an account, with proper disclaimers and filters, is enough.
  • References to sites or places (notably: Pixiv, Danbooru) that are producing questionable unlicensed derivative works, profiting from unlicensed derivative works, or allowing members to do so, must be avoided whenever possible, or else be mentioned in raw text like "Pixiv Artwork <image id>" rather than with a direct link.


Every article has an associated Talk Page where you can discuss about it. Please follow the guidelines regarding this, notably: do not forget to sign your messages with ~~~~ and indent your replies with colons.


Templates are pages that are intended to be included in other pages, often to avoid having to rewrite whole structures and instead just have some parameters to set. We will not enter into details on how to use Templates, most of times it is enough to just copy-paste an instance of a Template and adjust the Parameters. If you want to create your own Template or learn more, consult the MediaWiki Manual.

All the Moeverse Wiki Templates are categorized here. There are three types of them:

  • Common Templates are Templates that can freely be used for all Content published on the Wiki. Though, Common Templates may be updated and occasionally require an update from the content using them.
  • Project Templates are Templates that are intended to be only used for Informative Content, and may not be used for other Content. They could for example automatically add articles that include the Template to some Category that should not contain Original Content.
  • User Templates are Templates created by Moeverse Users specifically for their Original or Derivative Content, and may not be used for Informative Content. They must be subpages of the user's User Page. Do not hesitate to start from a copy of another Template, even a Project Template, or start a Template from scratch even if one fulfilling the role already exists, if you for example want Infoboxes with a different style.

You may suggest new Common or Project Templates or even implement them as User Templates (following their rules), but except for Navigation Templates, please do not create Common or Project ones without permission from the Staff.

Inactive Original or Derivative Content and Deletion Requests

Should a user be inactive on the Wiki (based on last edit time) and any other platform associated to the Moeverse (last known activity time) for a period of one year, or if it can be reasonably considered that the user is no longer part of the Community, any Original or Derivative Content created by the user will be considered as inactive and marked as such, while any internal link and reference pointing to the said Content from any other part of the site will be removed. However, the Content itself will otherwise be left as is. In case of a migration, inactive Content will usually not be preserved.

You can request the deletion of this Content (pages, uploads, etc.) by doing one of the following:

  • Edit your own personal page and clearly request the deletion of your Content;
  • Edit and empty all Original or Derivative Content pages you created (do not worry if you miss some pages, we will understand your intention; you can still make a statement in the Edit Summary if you want);
  • Directly contact an administrator on the Wiki or another platform associated to Moeverse with an account that is proven to be yours.

We reserve the right to ask for clarifications if we are unsure about if the account used to make the request is really yours. Unauthorized requests for deletion may result in a permanent ban from the Moeverse places as well as a deletion of all your own Original or Derivative Content.

Once the conditions met, we will then make every effort to delete all your Original or Derivative Content. Your Wiki account (and some of its edition history entries) cannot be removed completely for technical reasons, but we will block it and rename to something like "Deleted User 123".

This is an irreversible action, so be sure that you really want to do that, or make sure that you have some backups if you want to share your content elsewhere.

Note that we cannot do anything regarding archival services or search engine cached pages, it would be something that must be considered before posting any content on our site. Informative Content will also not be removed (as you agreed to put them here under the CC BY-SA License and anyone else could simply put the Content back).