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The Moeverse is a place for anyone interested in anything related to Moe, notably Moe Characters and their Universes. It first started with, which placed some foundations of the Moeverse as a friendly place for OS-tan fans that also encourages creators to share their creations and expand the OS-tan richness. Its wiki helped achieving this goal and grew over a year to reach a few hundreds of entries. It was then decided to expand the scope to Moe Mascots and Moe Personifications via sister projects, which prompted the establishment of a parent project, the Moeverse, that generalizes the concept.

This place is the Moeverse Wiki, which in the same fashion as the Wiki supports the Moeverse goals. It acts as a common repository for its projects, and also serves as a practical place for creators to build, share their work, and inspire others.

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If you are interested in joining us and opening a Wiki Account, you are welcomed and we will be looking forward to seeing your contributions or creations!

The Moeverse Wikis use the Forum Accounts for logging in, so you just need to create an account there instead of directly on a Wiki. Once you created an Account here, you can then immediately log in on the Wikis (with the same Username/Password credentials) and start making Edits.

They will initially be put on queue for moderation, and once approved and your account manually checked, you will be added to the Automoderated Wiki Group and your future edits will immediately take effect.

Please enjoy your time on the Moeverse!


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