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The Moeverse Wiki firstly serves as a common repository for other Wikis, but other than common uploads and templates for use at the other places, it is meant for original content made by Moeverse users themselves rather than knowledge about established subjects, so do not create pages about a character from a well known work or the work itself for example, or someone else's original work.

Additionally, the Moeverse must be the main or original publication source of your work, or a major one. If great part of the work has already been published at another place and already gained some appreciable interest, it is not admissible on this Wiki, though the characters may still be on or

With this condition fulfilled, an article about the following is admissible:

  • A Moe Character with a well defined design and personality, and existing uploadable visual artwork. A possible inspiration by another character must not be too obvious.
    • Since the definition of moe is vague, we are fairly lenient on this. The Administrators reserve the right to reject a character that is not "moe enough" according to their judgment;
    • If the character is admissible in another Moeverse Wiki and already has an entry there, the entries should be distinct enough to reduce content duplication, for example a entry could focus more on what makes the character a Personification. Otherwise, it is possible make a redirection.

If such character is one of the main characters in an Original Universe that you built yourself, then the following entries are also admissible:

  • An entry explaining your Universe is not only admissible, but mandatory, and must be added to the List of Original Universes;
  • A character in your Universe that is developed enough and not too minor (otherwise, try to integrate such character in a list or another article for your Universe);
    • Such Character does not need to be Moe. In other words, Universes don't have to exclusively feature Moe Characters, but simply have a Moe Character as Main Character, to be admissible to the Moeverse. If this is satisfied, then non Moe Characters part of said Universe are also admissible.
  • A page to organize, develop, explain, or concretize your original Universe or story (lists, lores, setting and locations, chapters, etc.).
    • When they are not about a specific subject like a character, place or event, such pages should be subpages of the main page about your Universe (examples: Universe Name/Character List, Universe Name/Lore, Universe Name/Episode 1).

The following Original Content is also admissible:

  • Guides or Essays related to Moeverse content, for example your personal tips to design Moe characters. They must always be subpages of your User Page.

Outside original content, you may consider making your own User Templates as subpages of your User Page. Avoid editing existing templates, though if you have a suggestion that could be useful for other users, you can always let us know on the Forum. You can also make a pertinent category or page to improve the site navigation, though unless what you mean to do is obvious, you should leave that to admins.