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This page serves as a directory to Universes created by the Moeverse members (the criteria for admissibility will be clarified later). To add yours, just add an entry similar to existing ones at the bottom of the table so the works are listed by publication time on the Moeverse. Try to fit the summary into 1-2 phrases or 3-4 lines.

Original Universes
Name Author(s) Started[1] Summary
very troubl'd winbows, macks & lintux Francispwn 2022-10-30 A joke fanon where each character is a parody of fictional/rumored-to-exist OSes, or another pre-existing OS-tan. The name of this fanon is based off "Troubled Windows", an Adobe Flash animation based off Windows OS-tans and aims to successfully parodize the life out of it's source material.
Mona's Museum Pttn 2023-02-02 The Universe the Moeverse Mascots originate from. The story however focuses on Mona, an IT Museum Curator who along with Marina is looking for interesting items and growing her Museum. During their trips, they encounter magical beings able to possess hardware.
Windows Never Released Universe VistaIroha 2023-02-19 This universe focuses on fictional Windows Operating Systems, instead of Windows Operating Systems that exist.
UNIVER.SYS SpacePuffer 2023-04-04 In the world of Innovatia, artificial humanoids called TANs (Technological Anthropomorphs) live alongside humans. They work and help people with their troubles, interact with other TANs, and learn about popular and technological cultures.
  1. Date of the publication or first relevant edit on the Moeverse, may be different to the actual publication date (if it was published somewhere else first,...).