Mona's Museum

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NameMona's Museum
StatusWork in Progress, but slow and irregular updates

Mona's Museum is a story created by Pttn in 2023. The Moeverse Mascots originate from its Universe, though the story focuses on Mona, the and first Moeverse Mascot.


Despite having earned a BSc in Computer Science, Mona decides to not pursue an academic or professional career, but rather continue her childhood hobby by opening her personal Museum at a chalet gifted by her parents, where she also lives. She "hired" Marina, a curious girl with an obscure past, in order to help her to find interesting items and grow her Museum. But an improbable encounter awaits them for their first trip to the Recycling Center...


OS Personifications


The story initially aimed to feature Moe Personifications, especially OS-tans. While it is still more or less the case, the story will not go in depth regarding the characterization of the personified subjects, and one should not expect more than mere superficial inspirations by real life subjects in the appearance or behavior of the Characters.

Since I am a lot busy with some real life matters, updates might be very slow (there may be nothing new for weeks or even months) and irregular. But I don't plan on ever stopping the project, though heavy restructurings may happen. I still hope that you will enjoy the already published content and following the story despite this!

More Information

Title in various languages

Language Name Translation
Esperanto Monazeo Monaseum
English Mona's Museum -
French Le Musée de Mona The Mona's Museum


Permission to use my characters and works for non-commercial purposes is granted provided you mention me (Pttn), and make a fair use of them; do not use or represent them in a way that could be misleading, lewd, or harmful, as your own promotion material, etc.