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The Jack of All Trades
Universe: Mona's Museum, designer: Pttn
General Information
Measurements162 cm, 52 kg
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlue
Other Information
AffiliationMona's Museum

Marina is along with Mona the Mona's Museum protagonist. She is supporting her in curating the Museum.


  • Age: 18
  • Measurements: 162 cm, 52 kg
  • Personality: a reserved girl with an obscure past, yet always curious and eager to discover new stuff. She is a Jack of All Trades that can do everything, yet excels nowhere.
  • Hobbies: basically everything
  • Occupation: helping Mona to complete her museum

She has a (yet unnamed) brother.

Names in Various Languages

Language Name Origin
Esperanto Marino From maro (sea), and -ino is the suffix to feminize nouns or given names.
English Marina Similar to Esperanto, from Latin marīna (pertaining to the sea).
French Marine Similar to Esperanto, from Latin marīnus or marīna (pertaining to the sea).
Japanese マリノ : Marino Transcription of Marino.


  • Marina is the Mascot and Personification of, which runs the Moeverse Project.
    • Her name is associated to the sea or oceans, while her brother will be associated to the earth; both are symbolized by the colors of the logo.
  • Her official Birthday in our Gregorian Calendar is March 2.
  • She debuted on the Wiki on February 2, 2023, at a time the Moeverse did not yet exist and her entry was admissible.