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Hello! I'm SpacePuffer, a fish from a large archipelago who found my way to the world of moe gijinkas, including OS-tans and others.

I have known OS-tans since 2015 when I saw an animated short of Inori Aizawa. From that day I was always been interested in the world of OS-tans and always wanted to contribute to it, even if I am late to the party for more than a decade.

Original Works

  • UNIVER.SYS, a tech gijinka universe 🌐
  • Wagashi Chronicle, a dessert-themed gijinka universe (very early work in progress) 🍡
  • Aurorean Highway, a penguin universe (very early work in progress) 🐧

Story Behind UNIVER.SYS

UNIVER.SYS is my way of contributing to the OS-tan and gijinka community by bringing my creative vision to life. This new universe is a combination of my interests: slice-of-life media, retro aesthetics, 1980s pop culture, and technology. Initially, UNIVER.SYS was my outlet to showcase my character designs, and was not intended to have a story about the characters, since I admit I wasn't an excellent writer, though I am still trying to improve my writing.

I want to make UNIVER.SYS fanworks!

See User:SpacePuffer/UNIVER.SYS License for more information, otherwise contact me.

Heading out...

Other than this site, you can find me and my artworks in: