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The Curator
Universe: Mona's Museum, designer: Pttn
General Information
Measurements164 cm, 58 kg
Hair ColorLight Brown
Eye ColorLight Brown
Other Information
AffiliationMona's Museum
OccupationIT Museum Curator
HobbiesOS-tans, vintage computing

Mona is the Mona's Museum protagonist, along with Marina. She is the curator of her titular Museum.


Hello World! I am Mona, an IT Museum Curator. I am interested in computers since my tender age and love collecting computing related items, and it is how I decided to open our Museum. With my partner Marina, we constantly hunt for new collectibles! [...] Please come visit our Museum whenever you find some time! ✦

  • Age: 20
  • Measurements: 164 cm, 58 kg
  • Personality: a serious, organized girl, that is also cordial and always happy to share her extensive knowledge in her fields. Behind her profesionnalism hides a passionate geek that can get carried away when she finds the missing thing in her collection or learns something new
  • Hobbies: OS-tans, computer science, technology (in particular, vintage computing), collecting things in these fields
  • Occupation: IT Museum Curator

Names in various languages

Language Name Origin
Esperanto Monao From, ending with the nominal -o suffix.
English Mona From
French Mona From
Japanese モナ : Mona Transcription of Mona.