Talvikki Laine

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Talkative Confidante
UNIVER.SYS Character
"...is it us you're looking for~?"
General Information
NameTalvikki Laine
Debut year1984
First published2024-03-03
Hair ColorPlatinum Blonde
Eye ColorGreen Yellow
Other Information
AffiliationVirta Communications
OccupationTech support, aspiring commentator, radio host
HobbiesAction movies, talk shows, music, snacks

Talvikki "Talvi" Laine is a supporting character in UNIVER.SYS. She is a TAN (Technological Anthropomorph) from Virta, and the twin sister of Arvi Laine.


Talvi is published to Moeverse on March 3, 2024. Her visual design is published on March 23, 2024.


Talvi is generally bubbly, and can be sassy at times. She isn't afraid to speak her mind, which she thinks as her "coolest" trait. While she is equally fascinated with action movies and racing like Arvi, Talvi's skills are mostly in speaking, aspiring to be a sports commentator someday. She often broadcasts her commentary on Virta's radio station, which garnered her quite the fanbase.

Due to her involvment with the bustling city life, Talvi often spends a lot on sweets and candies to snack often, and occasionally music and movie-related merchandises. She also ventures on more diverse fashion styles.


  • Talvi is the personification of the Nokia Talkman series of mobile phones first released in 1984. It is also referred to as Mobira Talkman.
    • Arvi and Talvi being twins are inspired by how the Nokia Actionman and Talkman series were both released in 1984, and had similar models and features early on.[1]
  • The Talkman was considered successful at its time, and has multiple models, hence Talvi's more diverse fashion sense.
  • Her love of music references how Talkman and Walkman are just one letter apart. In fact, she knows the in-universe embodiment of Walkman, being her pen pal from Yashima.
  • Her love of action movies is derived from how old Nokia mobile phones, including the Talkman, were used in action movies such as Lethal Weapon series.[2] [3]
  • Her favorite foods are licorice ropes and blueberry pies.

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