Mina Fenster

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Designer of Digital Apertures
UNIVER.SYS Character
"Can you believe it?! Watch as this operating environment integrates 10 different programs!"
General Information
NameMina Fenster
Debut year1985
First published2024-02-24
Hair ColorPersian Blue
Eye ColorNeon Blue Sky Blue (highlights)
Other Information
Multimedia Designer
HobbiesArchitecture, posters, rap music

Mina Fenster is a character in UNIVER.SYS. She is a TAN (Technological Anthropomorph) from Logiciel.


Mina's earliest design was from 2021, however her design has been reworked and published to Moeverse on February 24, 2024.


Mina appears to be a typical computer nerd at first, though she is more outgoing and possesses a wider range of skills and interests in multimedia, including architecture, music, games, and videography. She is also a fan of rap and hip hop music, largely because of their clever rhymes and energetic performances, and even performs on stage from time to time.

While Mina is eager to learn and master different subjects, her ability to multitask can sometimes lead to fatigue and burnout.



  • Mina is a personification of 16-bit Windows releases, including Windows 1.x, 2.x and 3.x. These versions are operating environments designed for MS-DOS.
  • Her first name Mina means azure or blue glass in Persian.
    • Her surname Fenster is German for window.[1] [2]
  • Her prominently blue and white color scheme references Windows 2.x and 3.x blue palette, including the startup screens and GUI. [2]
    • The red, green and yellow details are from Windows 1.x GUI.[3]
  • Her skills and interests in multimedia and architecture is inspired by various expansions for Windows 3.x, including Microsoft Entertainment Pack and Multimedia Extensions, as well as the window modification and icons in Windows 2.x.


  • Her hair bow has a ">" shape similar to Amy's hair clip.
  • During pre-debut and her early career, Mina’s outfits were less vibrant, and she used to be less confident.
  • Her extroverted personality despite her analytical mindset is inspired by this video.
  • Her nerdy and eclectic image compared to her successors is also partially based by a certain developer[4] who worked on Windows 1.0.
  • Her favorite food is hot dog.[5]

Notes and References

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