Amy Bellevue

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Blue Programmer
UNIVER.SYS Character
"Just one more level..."
General Information
NameAmy Bellevue
Debut year1982
First published2023-04-08
Hair ColorDark grey with blue gradient
Eye ColorBlue
Other Information
AffiliationCobalt Coalition
HobbiesVideo games

Amy Bellevue is a supporting character in UNIVER.SYS. She is a TAN (Technological Anthropomorph) from Logiciel.


Amy's earliest appearance online was on SpacePuffer's first tweet in July 4, 2021[1], however her default design was posted on January 24, 2023. [2]. She was later published on in May 20, 2023.


Amy has a courteous and diligent personality, which made her trustworthy in the eyes of Logiciel's Admins. She has a keen interest in programming and software development, and strives to become an accomplished developer someday. But despite her modest demeanor, Amy can be stubborn - which can sometimes lead her to overwork herself.

Amy is also quite skilled in video games. This side of her has been kept hidden for some time, as she was hesitant to reveal this side of her personality to others. However, after seeing Nix's career as an idol, Amy gradually opens up about her love for video gaming, and starting to participate in gaming competitions.



  • Amy is a personification of MS-DOS, an operating system for x86-based personal computers by Microsoft.
  • Amy's color scheme is based on both the MS-DOS logo and its interface.
  • Her love of video games is inspired by how MS-DOS was once a decent PC gaming platform, however the introduction of VGA made MS-DOS' popularity as a gaming platform skyrocketed, aside from programming and software development.
  • Amy's debut in the setting is 1982, which was different from how most sources listed MS-DOS as first released in 1981. The DOS version that was released with IBM PC on August 12, 1981 was actually IBM PC DOS,[3] and the mention MS-DOS didn’t appear until MS-DOS 1 was released in August 1982, with MS-DOS 1.25 being the first general release for OEMs other than IBM.[4]


  • Her bag is shaped like a floppy disk.
  • The wristband on Amy's left hand is a present from Nix.
  • Her favorite food is dango.

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