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The Gifted Creator
Universe: Mona's Museum, designer: Pttn
General Information
Measurements163 cm, 57 kg
Hair ColorDirty Blonde
Eye ColorBlue
OccupationBsc Student
HobbiesLots of fields involving Creation

Gina is a minor character in Mona's Museum, though she may play a more important role later in the story. She is the younger twin sister of Emma.


A 3rd Year Bsc Student in Mechanical Engineering who is always interested in learning how anything works in details. She loves building all kinds of stuff, from physical devices (notably robots) to hypothetical worlds.

  • Age: 19;
  • Measurements: 163 cm, 57 kg;
  • Personality: a gentle, curious and creative girl who tends to live in her own world, though she has no issue interacting with anyone;
  • Hobbies: making all kinds of devices, machines and robots, Artificial Intelligence, Psychology, Programming, World Building;
  • Occupation: Bsc Student in Mechanical Engineering.

Names in various languages

Language Name Origin
Esperanto Ĝina From
English Gina From
French Gina From
Japanese ジナ : Gina Transcription of Gina.


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