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The Gifted Planner
Universe: Mona's Museum, designer: Pttn
General Information
Measurements165 cm, 57 kg
Hair ColorDirty Blonde
Eye ColorBlue
OccupationMsc Student
HobbiesMathematics, Philosophy, Politics

Emma is a minor character in Mona's Museum, though she may play a more important role later in the story. She is the elder twin sister of Gina, and was in some College courses a Classmate to Mona until the latter got the Computer Science Bsc and did not continue studying.


A brillant first year Msc Student in Mathematics who could become a great researcher. She is however not interested in spending her life studying the most specialized and obscure subjects, and would rather contribute more concretely to society. She is already thinking about how she will make the life of bullies very hard as a future Math Teacher!

  • Age: 19;
  • Measurements: 165 cm, 57 kg;
  • Personality: a bold and assertive girl, who always goes straight to the goal and says what she thinks;
  • Hobbies: Mathematics, Philosophy, Politics;
  • Occupation: Msc Student in Mathematics.

Names in various languages

Language Name Origin
Esperanto Ema From Mascots.moe.
English Emma From Mascots.moe.
French Emma From Mascots.moe.
Japanese エマ : Ema Transcription of Ema.


  • Emma is the Mascot and Personification of Mascots.moe;
  • The name Emma means whole or universal. Mathematics can be considered as the most universal subject as they will remain the same no matter in which world and society one lives;
  • Her official Birthday in our Gregorian Calendar is December 29.

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