Estelle Parkins

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Starlight Mark
UNIVER.SYS Character
"Let's fly to the stars!"
General Information
NameEstelle Parkins
Debut year1981
First published2023-04-07
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorOrange
Other Information
AffiliationWhizzy Wigs
Aviator wannabe
HobbiesBirds, linguistics, collage art

Estelle Parkins is a major character in UNIVER.SYS. She is a TAN (Technological Anthropomorph) from Ethereal Research Club (ERC), and member of the Whizzy Wigs idol group.


Estelle's first design was posted on Twitter in November 5, 2022. [1] Her design and character bio were later refined and published on in April 7, 2023.


Estelle is adventurous, bold, and optimistic, and doesn't mind bending the rules. She often seeks out engaging and fulfilling interests, such as languages, performance arts, and aviation. One of her dream is to master flying a plane, which she is currently working on. As an idol and influencer, Estelle has inspired many other TANs with her visual flair and fearless attitude on stage.

However, a few years after her debut, Estelle noticed that ERC's higher management began to ignore her and refused to allow her to have a comeback or a new venue to perform. This made her frustrated, and she refuses to throw in the towel, not wanting to be seen as another fleeting trend. She took matters to her own hands and proposes to form an idol group with Nix and Lisa, the trio sharing a similar situation of being a misfit in their own Ensembles.



  • Estelle is a personification of the Xerox Star computer, the first commercial computer that introduced GUI, folders, and Ethernet networking, and a successor to the Xerox Alto.
  • Her first name is of French and Occitan origin, meaning "star",[2] and her last name Parkins is derived from Xerox PARC, the company ERC is based off of.
  • Her design features star motifs, and her color scheme is mainly yellow, referencing Xerox Star's original codename Dandelion. [3]
  • She is a well-known influencer and idol despite her own shortcomings, which reflects Xerox Star's influence to many computers and OSes despite its poor marketing by Xerox's executives. [4]
  • Her interest as an aviator alludes to Xerox Star's Pilot operating system.


  • Estelle often acts as the spokesperson and vocalist of Whizzy Wigs because of her linguistic abilities.
    • Often times she provided funding to Lisa's designs, despite being puzzled by her eccentric choices.
  • Her favorite foods are éclairs, and anything made from birds.

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