Lisa Ryugou

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Prelude to Florescence
UNIVER.SYS Character
"I will paint my identity in this world's canvas."
General Information
NameLisa Ryugou
Debut year1983
First published2023-04-09
Hair ColorPeriwinkle
Eye ColorPink
Other Information
AffiliationMonochroma (formerly)
Whizzy Wigs
HobbiesDrawing, reading books, art exhibitions, ikebana

Lisa Ryugou is a major character in UNIVER.SYS. She is a TAN (Technological Anthropomorph) from Prismage, and member of the Whizzy Wigs idol group.


Lisa's earliest design date back to 2021, however her first finished design was published to Pixiv in November 13, 2022. [1]. Her design was further refined, and she was published on in April 9, 2023.


Lisa tends to appear reserved or emotionless due to her stoic expression and phlegmatic way of speaking. She values individuality, and has eclectic interests that lean towards the avant-garde and unusual. Knowledgeable in the arts, particularly graphical arts and fashion design, Lisa's works often showcase minimal details and abstract composition, and occassionally floral patterns.

Shaped by her experience in Prismage and as an artist, Lisa often empathizes with those who are considered misfits or underdogs by society, which led to her friendship with Nix and Estelle, later forming the Whizzy Wigs group.



  • Lisa is a personification of the Apple Lisa computer, Apple's first commercial computer with GUI in 1983, and the predecessor of the original Macintosh.
    • Her last name Ryugou refers to the old reading of 林檎 (ringo), which is Japanese for apple.[2]
  • Her design and color scheme references Apple Lisa hardware and floppy disks [3], in addition to the rainbow details reminiscent of Apple's old logo.
  • Lisa's occupation as an artist is based on Apple Lisa's GUI design, and the paint program featured in its desktop screenshot. [4]
  • Her friendship with Nix is based on how the Xenix operating system was ported to Apple Lisa in 1984. [5]
  • She has ecletic interests and impractical tendencies when creating her artworks, often opting for expensive supplies, which is based on Apple Lisa's price tag being almost $10,000.


  • In Whizzy Wigs, Lisa is in charge of outfit design and promotional art.
  • One of her interests is ikebana, or flower arranging.
  • Her favorite food is apple cake.

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