Rules and Guidelines for Sales

Discussion about Merchandise related to Moe Characters.
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Discuss about Merchandise related to Moe Characters, non original or published on the Moeverse Wiki. Share your Latest Finds, your shopping experience and tips when buying these, etc. Use the appropriate subforum to post your own sales or wanted lists. If you are selling Merchandise of your own Moe Characters, they must belong to an Universe that has been published on the Moeverse Wiki, and you may make only one Topic per Universe.
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Rules and Guidelines for Sales

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The Moeverse Forum provides a Collectibles section to buy, sell and trade OS-tan merchandise, and also other interesting Anime collectibles. In order to ensure smooth transactions and reduce risks, please follow these rules and guidelines.

The Moeverse and its staff are not responsible for the content of messages posted in this forum, you are transacting on your own risk. You are responsible to take usual precautions, use your common sense, and do any necessary research in order to detect and avoid possible scams.

Also remember to follow the General Rules, in particular you may not post adult content, thus not sell or buy such items. Counterfeit items may also not be transacted here.

Be nice. If the price of something is too high then do not post just for the sake of complaining. If you find great deals you don't need, please share the links directly so others may benefit. Don't practice scalping here.

Rules and guidelines for takers
  • If you want to respond to an offer, make sure to do first some research about the author if you don't know the person. Do not hesitate to ask for some proof of identity and clarifications if unsure;
  • When taking an offer, please post publicly on the topic, and only then use the private messaging to conclude the deal (though if you really don't want that others know who made the transaction, it is still alright);
  • Try to keep discussions outside of sales and buy/trade requests, create a new topic in the Discussion subforum if needed;
  • When buying, be sure to be able to pay what you purchase within a reasonable amount of time, ideally right away. Or make arrangements with the seller.
Rules and guidelines for makers
  • There are currently no access restrictions to this section, but you should first gain a good reputation in the community before opening a sale or buying items here, by being active on the Forum, Subreddit or Discord during some time. New users should be able to show that they own a trusted account somewhere else;
  • Keep your topics up to date. If you sold something that was put for sale here elsewhere, then mark it clearly or delete your topic;
  • Do not bump too often. You are allowed to bump once within the first week after opening your topic, one more time after at least 7 more days, and then there must be at least 30 days between bumps.
  • Only sell items related to Moe Characters, in the appropriate sections;
  • Only post sales of your own goods, or if you are handling a sale for a friend;
  • Always upload photos of the items (either via the Forum or another image hosting site);
  • Do not post links to other people's sales, though you may post external links to your own Ebay auction or similar if you wish. In that case, be sure to clearly mention it on the topic's title (for example with a [Ebay Auction] prefix, or write "Selling xxx on Ebay");
  • Otherwise, for items directly sold here, no auctions, or "Best Offer" sales without instant buy price, please. Always clearly mention the price(s) of your item(s), your location if you have not set it in your profile, supported payment methods/currency, their possible fees, and accurate shipping fee estimates. You may still make "Best Offer" sales if you provide an instant buy price (like "Selling for $100 or Best Offer").
You may still post links to other people's sales in the Discussion subforum if this can be relevant.

Buy/Trade Requests
  • Only post buy/trade requests for items related to Moe Characters, in the appropriate sections;
  • Clearly mention how much you would pay, or which items you are willing to trade (only items related to Moe Characters allowed).