General Moeverse Forum Rules and Guidelines

Discussion about the Moeverse Project itself (or its subprojects), and its places and Community.
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Discuss about the Moeverse Project itself, its places, or Community: suggestions, issues to report on a Wiki or the Forum, idea for a new Wiki, proposal for a fruitful partnership,...
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General Moeverse Forum Rules and Guidelines

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Welcome to the Moeverse Forum!

This is one of the places of the Moeverse Community along its Wikis, Mastodon Instance, the r/OStan subreddit and its Discord server.



Behave well, respect others, follow standard behavior rules. Do not post any abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, sexually-orientated or any other material that may violate any laws be it of your country, the country where the Forum is hosted (Switzerland) or International Law. Keep public discussions in English.

Various subforums are proposed, and they may have additional rules, please read and follow them. Always make sure that you create topics at the appropriate places.

We have the right to remove, edit, move or close any topic at any time should we see fit.

Always credit properly copyrighted work. Avoid using shortened links or redirections and linking paywalled articles.

Except in rare cases like creating a temporary account because you cannot access to your current one, only one account is allowed per person, and you may not share nor transmit it.

Do not use the forum if you don't agree with the rules. They may also be modified at any time.


When posting for the first time, your posts will be waiting for approval by an administrator before being published. Once done and your account manually verified, you can post normally.

Access to the Wiki

The Moeverse Wikis use the Forum Accounts for logging in, with the same Username/Password credentials. Once you created an Account here, you can then immediately log in on the Wikis and start making Edits, without even waiting for being verified on the Forum. They will initially be put on queue for moderation, and once approved and your account manually checked, you will be added to the Automoderated Wiki Group and your future edits will immediately take effect.

Editing the Wikis is an alternative to get the Forum Account approved.

For technical reasons, you need to login again on the different Moeverse Wikis.


The cookie system and how account information is stored are explained in this page.

The IP address of all posts are recorded and any information you have entered is stored in a database. While this information will not be disclosed to any third party without your consent (unless required by the law or to fill complaints if you misuse the forum), we shall not be held responsible for any hacking attempt that may lead to the data being compromised.

Deleted posts are actually just hidden and remain in the database, but we will delete them permanently once a while.

Use of Tor or proxies is currently not disallowed, but this may change if such services start to be abused for any malicious activities. We do not guaranty nor support the correct operation of the Moeverse Forum under these conditions.

You have the right to be forgotten and may ask a Forum Staff member to delete completely all your information at any time. Banned IPs and Email Addresses will however always be retained. We may also keep offending posts in our database if we deem it necessary. Please also note that we don't have influence over caching or archival websites so you may have to contact relevant sites to delete your posts there as well.

If you have issues with the forum, you can contact a Forum Staff member. They moderate or administer the forum.


Failure to follow the rules or misbehaving will result in a caution Image or a ban Image that can either last a month or be permanent depending on the gravity of the offence. The moderator should consider the user's intention and attitude before cautioning or banning.

Examples of cautionable offences include:
  • Image Posting, creating topics at the wrong places (if you hesitate between some places, don't worry, but in this case do not make duplicate posts);
  • Image Repetitive or uninteresting off-topic content;
  • Image Low effort posts;
  • Image Vulgar/NSFW material (also as username or profile picture);
  • Image Promoting/suggesting irrelevant websites;
  • Image Posting irrelevant referral links;
  • Image Excessive or inappropriate use of Private Messaging;
  • Image Using multiple accounts;
  • Image Not following a forum or subforum rule.
Warnings reset after a month. Users can know if they have an active caution by looking at their warning count in their profile.

Nasty behavior will lead to a direct ban. Examples include
  • Image Spamming (join just to advertise, post nonsense messages...);
  • Image Gratuitous criticism, trolling;
  • Image Impersonating a member;
  • ImageImageImage Getting a second active warning will result in a one month ban;
  • Image Hate speech and threats will result in a permanent ban;
  • Image Circumventing a ban will get all your accounts permanently banned;
  • Image Harming directly or indirectly others, the community, or encouraging harm, will result in a permanent ban. This applies even if it takes place outside the Forum.
For particularly serious offenses, we may take additional actions like notifying your ISP or the authorities, fill reports to blacklists, etc.


PhpBB Forum

The Moeverse Forum is based on PhpBB. If you frequent other PhpBB forums, using the this one is the same. Otherwise take a look at the FAQ.

To format your posts, use BBCode, there is a guide here.

Collectibles section

The Moeverse Forum provides a Merchandise section where one can buy, sell and trade merchandise related to Moe Characters. In order to ensure smooth transactions and reduce risks, please follow these rules and guidelines.