Zinnia Sinclair

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Pristine Edification
UNIVER.SYS Character
"A perfect performance leaves no room for errors."
General Information
NameZinnia Sinclair
Debut year1981
First published2023-04-15
Hair ColorPink Blonde
Eye ColorRose Red
Other Information
OccupationStage magician
HobbiesTaking notes, illusions, watching documentaries

Zinnia Sinclair is a character in UNIVER.SYS. She is a TAN (Technological Anthropomorph) from Synknights Kaleido Group.


Zinnia's first design was first published in OS-tans.moe on April 15, 2023. Her design has been reworked and published in Moeverse on February 1, 2024.


Zinnia is courteous and proper, and also known for her serious attention to detail. Most of the time, she does not say much, although she is more open to those close to her. As a TAN involved in the world of education, she takes her duty seriously and strives to teach people about computing. Despite the glamorous pop culture and trends other TANs followed, including her own peers, Zinnia stayed true to her own mission.

Her meticulousness may give the impression of rigidity, however Zinnia is not above indulging herself in entertainment, including video games and stage magic. In fact, she was once a stage magician, who specialized in illusions and evasive tricks.



  • Zinnia is the personification of Sinclair ZX81, an inexpensive personal computer by Sinclair Research.
  • Her name is derived from the flower genus of the same name, which often comes in red, pink and orange colors.[1]
  • The first letter of her name is derived from ZX81, and her last name is from Sinclair Research.
  • Her narrow color palette is derived from ZX81's hardware and graphics limitations.
  • The Houndstooth pattern in her dress is similar to a ZX81 hardware quirk, and also references ZX81 being manufactured in Scotland, as the contemporary Houndstooth pattern originated from the Scottish Lowlands.[2]


  • Her role in education is based on ZX81's impact in British society, especially in the educational field.
  • She used to actively perform as a stage magician in festivals (and still does, though less frequently), which is inspired by the ZX Microfair. [3]
  • Her favorite food is strawberry shortcake.

Notes and References

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