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Site Mascot
General Information
Universe/OriginFutaba Channel
Designer🇯🇵 Kasuga
Represents🇺🇸 Wikipedia
Hair ColorLight Blue
Eye ColorBlue

Wikipe-tan (Japanese: ウィキペたん) is a moe character that represents Wikipedia, a free encyclopedia that anyone can edit.


On February 22 2003, an anonymous user started a discussion about ideas for a Wikipedia mascot[1]. More than 20 ideas were proposed, though it was only about three years later that another anonymous user suggested Wikipe-tan on January 5 2006[2].

She was designed by Wikipedia user Kasuga, who is also an admin on the Japanese site, and published on the Futaba Channel around January 5 2006; it is unclear whether the suggestion on the mascot page above already referred to her, or if Kasuga drew her a few days later, since the original Futaba pages do not exist anymore and were not archived.


There is no official Wikipedia mascot, so she only has an unofficial status. She is still used on some sections of Wikipedia like the WikiProject Anime and manga or Admin coaching, and illustrates some anime related articles in various languages.

Other notable mascot propositions include the Wikipede and the Miwiki, both even having more votes on the mascot suggestions page than Wikipe-tan (respectively 45 and 35 vs 31).


She has two sisters, Commons-tan and Wikiquote-tan, who represent Wikimedia projects that are related to Wikipedia.

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