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Generally, two types of content can be found on the Moeverse Wikis.

Knowledge Content

This refers to material used to document established subjects such as a well known character or a notable event. Generally, such content is placed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license. It means that you may share it (untouched or altered) as long as you mention the relevant Wiki or the contributor(s), and publish it under the same license.

As an editor, it also means that what you add to the Wiki is considered to be released under this license, so others can redistribute your productions at will as stated above; do not edit the Wiki if you do not want that.

Third Party Content

This being said, works (characters, artwork, text,...) from external sources may be released under other licenses, and even though they might be included to the Wiki for documentation purposes, the original authors still hold the copyright, and such content might not be licensed under the CC BY-SA.

While we might not always be granted a formal permission to do that, we assume that third party authors are fine with a fair and good faith use of their material. In the unlikely event such copyright holder would like to see such content removed, an administrator can simply contacted and we will comply.

Original Content

Some Moeverse Wikis may allow users to share their own work, and such content is referred to as Original Content. Unlike knowledge content, they are not licensed CC BY-SA by default, and it is up to the creator to precise the terms and conditions of use of their work. If nothing is precised, then assume that All Rights are Reserved.

In all cases, creators agree that the Moeverse project can display their original work on any Moeverse site or associated places such as social accounts at will.