Victoria Tramell

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Astute Couture
UNIVER.SYS Character
"Why not bring new life to old clothes~?"
General Information
NameVictoria Tramell
Debut year1980
First published2023-05-03
Hair ColorCrimson
Eye ColorLight Red
Other Information
AffiliationPalette Crew, Raring To Go (RTG)
OccupationIdol, fashion enthusiast, TV host
HobbiesThrift shopping, fashion design, collecting records

Victoria "Vicky" Tramell is a character in UNIVER.SYS. She is a TAN (Technological Anthropomorph) from Warefarer, and founding member of the Palette Crew supergroup.


Vicky's earliest design was uploaded to in May 3, 2023. Her early outfit has an orange jacket and brown pants, though it was later updated.


Vicky has a friendly and dynamic personality, and is often seen attending and hosting events from game shows to live performances. She is knowledgeable about the entertainment industry and fashion trends, though she is not a big fan of expensive accessories and clothing, and is an advocate of cheap fashion.

During her early career as a soloist, she was known to be a strong competitor against other idols, and was often considered to have a fiery temper on stage. Since her departure from the solo stage in 1985, she began to focus on collaborations rather than competition, as years of handling pressure alone took a toll on her and other TANs as well.



  • Vicky is the personification of the Commodore VIC-20 computer, the first personal computer to sell one million units.[1]
  • Her name is derived from VIC in VIC-20.
  • Her extroverted and dynamic personality is based on the VIC-20's nickname "The Friendly Computer" and "The Wonder Computer of the 80s"[2]


  • Her love of secondhand fashion is inspired by VIC-20's success despite its inexpensive price.
  • Her color theme in Palette Crew is red
  • Her favorite food is curry bread.

Notes and References

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