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Hello :D ! I am the founder of the Moeverse. If you just joined our Community, I will be delighted to met you!

Moeverse History

I first found about characters often referred to as "OS-tans", and quickly became interested in them, prompting me to start a Project named, which purposes were to gather information about them, and also provide a place for creators to share their own Original OS-tan related works.

As I researched and collected merchandise about these Characters, I regularly found unrelated Moe Mascots among them, and also became fond of them. At the same time, I also considered extending the scope to Moe Personifications in general. That is how I came up with the and Projects, that complemented and were put together under a common Project, the Moeverse. Later, it has been decided to merge everything into a single Project/Wiki.

Original Works

I designed Moella, the Moeverse Moe Mascot, and the former Mascots Mona, Emma and Gina representing the Projects mentioned above.

Seeing others working on their Original Universes also motivated me to develop my own, but I never really had the time to properly advance it and put it on a hiatus, though I plan to reboot it eventually. Also, I don't have an artistic background, rather a scientific one, and was not a schooler who would draw during breaks, so I am actually not an Artist, and would love to met one who would support the Moeverse Project and enjoy drawing Official Artworks of our Mascot, but meanwhile I will do it myself with my current abilities.