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Hello :D ! I am the founder of the Moeverse. If you just joined our Community, I will be delighted to met you!

Moeverse History

I first found about OS-tans and quickly became a fan of them, prompting me to join an OS-tan Community and start, which purposes were to gather information about them and provide places for creators to expand the OS-tan richness by creating and sharing their own original OS-tan related works.

As I researched and collected OS-tan merchandise, I sometimes found Moe Mascots among them, and also became fond of them. At the same time, I also considered extending the scope to Moe Personifications in general. That is how I came up with and

Since people who would be interested in either places would share a lot of common interests, it made sense to put everything together under a common Project, the Moeverse, which extends the concepts to the broad scope of Moe Characters in general.

Original Works

I designed Mona, Emma and Gina, the Mascots and Personifications of the current three Moeverse Projects.

Moeverse Mascots

Seeing others working on their Original Universes also inspired me to develop my own. Though, I must confess that I don't have an artistic background, rather a scientific one, and was not a schooler who would draw during breaks, so my writing and drawing might not be amazing... I am not sure if I can find enough time to properly improve, and I might have not enough either to make regular updates, but I am doing what I can with my current abilities.

Misc Resources