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Published2023-04-04 (on OS-tans.moe)
StatusIn (Irregular) Development

UNIVER.SYS is an original universe by SpacePuffer, first uploaded on OS-tans.moe in April 4, 2023, before being moved to Moeverse.


In the world of Innovatia, humanoid beings called TANs (Technological Anthropomorphs) live among human society. They work alongside people, providing assistance, interacting with other TANs, and immersing themselves in popular and technological cultures.

Around the 1980s, Nix, a TAN from Logiciel, was captivated by the vibrant world of entertainment and aspires to become an idol to break free from her monotonous existence. However, her encounter with Lisa and Estelle, two other aspiring idol TANs, will bring something new into each of their lives.


Main Characters
Supporting Characters


So far, I have set the narrative scope of UNIVER.SYS in the 1980s and the entertainment scene, with a focus on characters from that decade. However, it is possible to include characters from other time periods (e.g. the 1990s, 1960s, etc.) in the future. Please note that the universe is still in development, and updates are irregular due to my real-life activities. Additionally, many aspects of UNIVER.SYS are subject to change, unless noted.

I admit that I am more of an artist than a writer, so please do not expect perfect historical accuracy or flawless writing in UNIVER.SYS' narrative. While I prioritize visual designs, I will try to improve and showcase my writing in the long run.

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See User:SpacePuffer/UNIVER.SYS License.