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Fateless Beginning

Nix was once member of Avis Society, a community dedicated to efficiency and simplicity. She studied some core technical skills there, but found the society's philosophy too restrictive and theoretical. Preferring a practical approach and the freedom to pursue other interests, she often felt at odds with the community, especially developers in Avis Society who disapproved of her attitude, leading to her frustration.

Feeling disappointed and mistreated, Nix left Avis Society to join Logiciel, a new Ensemble at the time. Despite some TANs regretting over the treatment she received and wanting her to stay, Nix had made up her mind.

Debut and Life in Logiciel

Nix was inspired by Logiciel's role in the 1970s TAN Revolution and eagerly joined its team. Mike, who was impressed by her technical knowledge, welcomed her into the Ensemble. Nix officially debuted as Logiciel's new TAN in 1980.

Nix earned recognition for her logical, cool-headed approach and efficiency. Logiciel's developers entrusted her with various tasks, including programming, hardware management, and business correspondence. She also formed friendships with other TANs in Logiciel, including Amy, Mina, and the brothers Axel and Edward.

While she does value her friendships, Nix gradually found her routine at Logiciel monotonous. Logiciel's focus began to shift, leaving her feeling overlooked. Not wanting to repeat her experience at Avis Society, Nix decided to change something.

Into the Idol World

While working outside of Logiciel's area, Nix became fascinated with idol singers and their dynamic performances. During this time, she met Lisa, a TAN from Prismage who also interested in idols. The two bonded over their shared experiences as misfits—Lisa also felt overlooked by Prismage's management due to her challenging debut, and issues with her brother.

Using their available resources, Nix and Lisa honed their vocal and dance skills, despite their doubts about their new venture. Their hope was reignited when they came across an advertisement by local idol and influencer Estelle, who was seeking TANs to form an idol group.

Idol Era

Whizzy Wigs Startup