Natalia Fenster

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Novilunar Tech
UNIVER.SYS Character
"Pleased to make your acquaintance."
General Information
NameNatalia Fenster
Debut year1993
First published2024-05-01
Hair ColorSilver
Eye ColorPurple
Grey (highlights)
Other Information
OriginLogiciel (DExC-developed)
Data engineer
HobbiesBeach walking

Natalia Fenster, formerly Natalia Michalska, is a character in UNIVER.SYS. She is a TAN (Technological Anthropomorph) from Logiciel.


Natalia is published to Moeverse on May 1, 2024, but she has no visual design yet until July 4, 2024.


Natalia initially comes across as a business-oriented, high-achiever who finds it easier to deal with computing and management than with mainstream audiences. With a strong drive to excel and improve, she may seem distant, even to her fellow TANs, whose support she initially viewed as purely technical.

As her career progresses, Natalia begins to value the support from her fellow TANs in a less pragmatic way, becoming more emotionally open towards them. Beneath her serious image, she is not so different from the others in Logiciel, with interests outside of work such as photography and a penchant for dramatic flair, especially in her presentation and performances.



  • Natalia is the personification of Windows NT 3.x and 4.x, the first two major releases of the Windows NT line. Additionally, she also represents DEC MICA operating system, which was the main influence for Windows NT.[1]
  • Her name Natalia is derived from NT itself. Her surname Fenster is German for window.
    • Her previous surname Michalska is derived from MICA.
  • Her color palette are primarily based in Windows NT 3.x’s GUI, including her silver hair inspired by Windows NT 3.51’s boot screen. [2] Alternatively, she also has an outfit based on Windows NT 4.x’s GUI.
  • The helix patterns on her suit is a reference to Windows NT Server’s logo. [3]
  • Her cold, analytical disposition is based in how Windows NT was primarily targeted for business markets. She began to open up more in her later years, referring to Windows NT 4.x’s more vibrant appearance, and inclusion of Microsoft Plus! features, which were installable through Windows NT 4.0 Resource Kit. [4]
  • Her intricate, elegant outfit is inspired by Windows NT 3.1’s codename, Razzle.


  • Her interests in photography and beach walking are inspired by Windows NT-related codenames named after places, such as Daytona (NT 3.5, referencing Daytona Beach) and Cairo (cancelled NT version).
    • It also references Imaging for Windows, an image viewer application introduced in Windows NT 4.0.[5]
  • She is not good at playing video games.
  • Natalia's occassional tendency of theatrics references this commercial[6]

Notes and References

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