Mikko Rautiainen/Lore

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Mikko spent his development years in Virta's industrial facilities, where he was largely shielded from the intensity of human emotions. His purpose revolved around efficiency, diligence, and precision, and he saw connections as trivial. This perspective remained unchallenged until he encountered Ilmari, one of Virta's developers.

Intrigued by the TAN, Ilmari offered to introduce Mikko to ideas beyond merely programming. Mikko initially dismissed his offer. He simply pointed out that, based on his observations, humans and other creatures are delicate and unpredictable, always needing protection or assistance, their emotions are not in his priorities. In contrast, he is designed to withstand years of work without faltering. But that did not deter or intimidate the curious developer.

Ilmari, along with some other developers, took Mikko on a tour outside Virta, into the untamed beauty of Lumi's forests and lakes. He encouraged Mikko to simply absorb the surroundings without any logical analysis. As Mikko observed the symbiotic relationship between animals and plants, and the lively interactions of the developers outside their professional facades, it dawned on him. These beings might be fragile and short-lived, but they also change, adapt, and contribute to their surroundings.

On the journey back home, Mikko asked Ilmari, wondering how he, a TAN, could possibly show the same care towards his surroundings, and to truly contribute to Lumi’s society. Ilmari responded with amusement, explaining that Mikko didn't have to care in the same manner as people do. Instead, he could find his own unique approach.