Mike Bellevue

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Ingenious Code
UNIVER.SYS Character
"Knowledge fuels the mind of the few"
General Information
NameMike Bellevue
Debut year1975
First published2023-04-19
Hair ColorStrawberry Blond
Eye ColorMedium Blue
Other Information
AffiliationCien Estrellas (former member)
Cobalt Coalition
OccupationSoftware developer
HobbiesComputer science, sci-fi works, writing

Mike Bellevue is a character in UNIVER.SYS. He is a TAN (Technological Anthropomorph) from Logiciel.


Mike's early concepts date back to 2017 and first designed in 2019, making him the oldest UNIVER.SYS character by design. He was first published on OS-tans.moe in April 19, 2023.


Mike often appears reserved and spends most of his time alone. However, he is not shy and is passionate about his interests in computer science. As their earliest TAN, Mike serves as a mentor to other members of Logiciel, such as Nix and Amy, and encourages them to expand their knowledge.

Since the 1970s, Mike has written numerous programs and coding manuals for both Logiciel and other Ensembles, establishing himself as a pioneer. Some of his programs and writings have an irreverent and offbeat sense of humor. Despite this, he seems to get along well with most TANs.


  • Mike is a personification of Microsoft BASIC, the company's foundational programming language line, first released in 1975 for the Altair 8800 as Altair BASIC.
  • His offbeat sense of humor is based on DONKEY.BAS, an awkward BASIC game.[1]
  • His favorite food is green enchiladas, which alludes to Microsoft's origins in New Mexico.

Notes and References

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