Kairi Tramell

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The Record-Breaking Maverick
UNIVER.SYS Character
"Everybody in the crowd, make some noise!!"
General Information
NameKairi Tramell
Debut year1982
First published2024-07-04
Hair ColorSandy Blonde
Eye ColorViolet Blue
Other Information
AffiliationPalette Crew
Raring To Go (RTG)
HobbiesVideo games, sports, anything pop culture related

Kairi Tramell is a character in UNIVER.SYS. She is a TAN (Technological Anthropomorph) from Warefarer, and member of the Palette Crew supergroup.


Kairi is published to Moeverse on July 4, 2024, though previously she was published on OS-tans.moe a year ago. She had an early design in 2023, though her design may be renewed later in 2024.


Kairi is charismatic, spirited, and most of the time, competitive, both as a performer and in other fields. However she prefers a fair game and having fun, and doesn't think much about losing. She quickly rose to fame a few years after her debut, surpassing Vicky and her later successors in Warefarer. After Vicky formed the Palette Crew supergroup, she joined her despite criticism from her detractors and Warefarer's Admins.

Outside of being an idol and musician, Kairi's other ventures include video games, sports, and modeling. Her skills in video games are only matched by few TANs such as Zach and Amy.

As part of her training in Warefarer, Kairi has also tried her hands on mechanical engineering, though with bizarre results.


  • Kairi is the personification of Commodore 64, a personal computer by Commodore International, and the best-selling personal computer of all time.[1]
  • Her name means nautical mile in Japanese, which fits Warefarer's nautical aesthetic.[2]
  • Kairi has the best vocal skills among the TAN idols, which refers to the SID sound chip, which was instrumental in the Commodore 64's success.
    • However, her success didn't come overnight. In fact, Kairi's first year as a soloist was troubled, due to her unstable vocals and energy on stage, which references hardware quality problems with C64 units in 1982, which got resolved in 1983.
  • Despite her diverse skills, Kairi is not good at programming. This is a reference to C64 BASIC, which was considered inefficient compared to other BASIC variants.
  • Her color theme in Palette Crew is blue
  • Kairi has no favorite food; she would try anything, unless they have a strange texture or taste.

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