Jan Martell

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The Legendary All-Rounder
Character from The Windolgram
"Leeeeet's do this!"
DebutOctober 7th, 2022
AliasesJanus (real name)
PositionMain dancer, lead vocalist, rapper (electro:mayhem)
Interaction(s)Members of The 85's (seniors)
Members of NT Times (juniors)
Charles (fellow junior and bandmate)
Robert (fellow junior and bandmate)
Madeline (fellow junior)
Vocal tierAverage-to-Above-Average (C+, Mid)
Melody 20
PersonifyingWindows 3.1
BirthdayApril 6th, 1992 (age 32)
Eye colorNavy blue
Hair colorChocolate brown
Song producer

Jan Martell (full name: Janus Martell), is a major character from The Windolgram. He was one of the revered soloists in the Windows family; known for his mastery in singing, dancing and rapping. He is also a member from the supergroup, electro:mayhem. He personifies Windows 3.1.


Jan has shoulder-length chocolate brown hair, and sapphire blue eyes. He wears a cyan sleeveless blazer with dark teal and white square designs, and in the left and right ends of the blazer, it features the 4 famous colors of the Windows logo (red, green, blue, and yellow). Underneath, it's a dark teal uniform with 8 small buttons. He also wore plum pants, and dark red shoes with white and multicolored squares designed all over them.


Jan is an inspiring and sweet individual who loves to showcase his talents to his seniors and juniors after his time. However, he is easily flustered/blushed when someone called him by his codename, however they can't stop him because accordingly, his name is beautiful to say by them.


  • The 85's - his fellow seniors. The members appreciate Jan's talents and jokingly put him as the "fifth member".
  • NT Times - his fellow juniors. He offers helpful criticism to the brothers and gave them advice to improve more or showcase their skills more often.
  • Charles - his closest junior. He has a fatherly nature when he met Charles, and he enjoyed talking to him and motivating him.
  • Robert - his fellow junior. Jan embraces the fact both Charles and Robert look alike.
  • Madeline - his fellow junior. He is sympathetic to Madeline, because she has been a victim of hate comments on all of her social media after her brother Nathan told her the deep meaning about them.


  • Jan's MBTI personality type is ESFJ.
  • Jan also has a funny side, like the rest of the characters.
  • He is the only character whose codename is named after a deity in Roman mythology.
  • His favorite color is teal.
  • He can speak multiple languages (English, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese).
    • He can also speak Persian (Farsi), Arabic, Spanish, and Portuguese; though he has decent knowledge about them.
  • Years ago, he is an 11th-grade honor student who always had the highest marks in all subjects, and people also appreciated his sweet personality and musical giftedness.[1]


  1. As stated in the DeviantArt page of Jan's pre-debut profile.
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