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Company Mascot
General Information
Designer🇯🇵 Rukapon
Represents🇹🇼 Gigabyte (in Japan)
Hair ColorGray or purple (previously black or dark gray)
Eye ColorYellow, orange, or light brown

Gigabyko (Japanese: ギガバイ子, Chinese: 技嘉仙子) is the Japanese mascot of the Taiwanese computer parts manufacturer Gigabyte. She was designed by the Japanese artist Rukapon (るかぽん).


She debuted in a 4 page manga Pasotra Gigabyko-chan is here! (パソトラ ギガバイ子ちゃん参上!の巻), included in the GIGABYTE eXpress Vol.1 booklet that was distributed for free in some stores in Japan, on June 2003[1]. Akiba-PC claims that she can be considered as the first Moe Mascot related to computer parts[2] and a loved one[3].

In 2013 and early 2014, a commemorative and limited dōjinshi Cyber Fairy (電脳仙女) featuring every published manga and illustration of Gigabyko at the time as well as unreleased works could be ordered[4][5].

Ten years later in 2023, another commemorative book was made, Cyber Fairy Ver. 2.0 (電脳仙女VER.2.0)[3].


She is a fairy who resides in Gigabyte products and supports users. There are actually as many Gigabykos as there are parts, and if considering all them as sisters, her family would be composed of billions or trillions of members... Each may not get along with some others in the same fashion that some computer parts are not compatible.

Gigabyko does not mind temperatures like 60°C when she is inside the parts. She braids her hair into a chignon, which sometimes gets really big and makes her head hurt.


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