Conoha Mikumo

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Computing Mascot
General Information
NameConoha Mikumo
Designer🇯🇵 GMO Internet Group, Inc.
Voiced bySumire Uesaka
Represents🇯🇵 ConoHa
Owner🇯🇵 GMO Internet Group, Inc.
Height150 cm
Hair ColorLight Brown
Eye ColorBrown

Conoha Mikumo (Japanese: 美雲 このは) is the mascot of ConoHa, a hosting and VPS provider owned by GMO Internet Group, Inc.

She is voiced by Sumire Uesaka (上坂すみれ), who also voices Pronama-chan.


She presumably debuted at the same time as the ConoHa services were started on July 4, 2013. An event was organized soon later in Akihabara on the 6th, 7th, 13th and 14th to promote the services and mascot[1][2].


A Zashiki-warashi girl and the cheerleader for ConoHa. She is a strong-willed tsundere who has trouble being honest. While she lives in ConoHa's data center, she helps people within it. She loves her older sister and older brother.

  • Age: in human terms, around 13 years old?
  • Height: 150 cm + α
  • Weight: secret
  • Strengths: studious and rather resourceful
  • Weaknesses: tends to behave in a way that can be mistaken for bullying
  • Hobbies: watching anime and playing games

Related Characters

  • God (Mr. Umemiya): a real god, whose true name is unknown. He is easygoing but has a sadistic side and likes making fun of strong willed people, especially Conoha.
  • Anzu Mikumo: A Zashiki-warashi girl and Conoha's cousin. She is bright, curious and positive about everything, but also clumsy. She loves Conoha, who however treats her coldly.
  • Kaori: a 26 year old woman who saved Conoha's life. She is in charge of marketing for ConoHa. She is very caring, and she treats Conoha and Anzu as if they were her younger sisters.
  • Mr. Yamamoto: a 29 year old man in charge of maintenance and operation of ConoHa's data center. A mentor to Conoha and also considered as her big brother.
  • Sota: a Zashiki-warashi boy that is a childhood friend of Conoha, and in love with her. He has a bright, innocent and straightforward personality, and is good at soccer.

Notable Collaboration Moe Mascots

  • Pronama-chan: there are featured together in some campaigns.


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