Claudia Madobe

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Software Mascot
General Information
NameClaudia Madobe
BirthdayNovember 20
Universe/OriginMadobe Universe
Designer🇯🇵 Wakaba
Voiced by🇯🇵 Eri Kitamura
Represents🇺🇸 Microsoft Azure
Developer🇺🇸 Microsoft
Height~170 cm[1]
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue

Claudia Madobe (Japanese: クラウディア・窓辺, Claudia Madobe) is the Japanese moe mascot of Microsoft Azure, endorsed by Microsoft Japan.


Claudia debuted in the first episode of the Cloud Girl - Windows, Clouds and Blue Sky - webcomic (Japanese: 「クラウド ガール -窓と雲と碧い空-」), released on May 23 2011 by Microsoft Japan to explain cloud technology[2].

She was designed by Wakaba, who also designed Nanami[1]. Claudia was often featured with Nanami, Yū and Ai Madobe in campaigns, and is also sometimes shown with her colleague Ruri Azumi.


Claudia was born on November 20[3], the day Windows 1.0 was released. She is an aspiring Windows Azure developer with a master's degree in engineering and a little more than two years of development experience. Her father is Nanami's uncle and is Japanese, and her mother is half French-American. She came to Japan for the first time a long while ago. Her brother Claude is a veteran cloud engineer with 15 years of experience[4].

She looks 170 cm tall, slender and tall, half Japanese and half French American. Claudia combines strength and beauty in her expertise. While she can be a bit superior to those who are learning about cloud computing, she is willing to teach them[1].


  • In the Akihabara Moe Characters Contests, Claudia ranked third in 2011 and 2014, and fourth in 2013 and 2016.
  • Her glasses may have been inspired by the red-framed glasses worn by the character Mari from Rebuild of Evangelion[1].
  • She is voiced by Eri Kitamura.

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