Arvi Laine/Lore

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Arvi's earliest memory was his first glimpse into action media; he remembered him and Talvi watching action movies during developer movie night at Virta. At this point, Arvi hadn't debuted as a TAN (Technological Anthropomorph) yet and was still training under his older sister Sinikka, who is firm believer in the power of communication despite her directness.

One moment that also inspired Arvi's interest in cars and racing was watching kart racing shows, and one of its rising star drivers fascinated him.


Against the Iceberg

However, reality hits when Arvi debuted. Interacting directly with the people of Lumi led to him feeling insecure about himself. His personality didn't align with their stoic and reticent ideals, making him stand out. Despite his efforts to fit in, it often came across as forced and unnatural, and attempts of his heroism were often admonished, sometimes getting called reckless and overly expressive.

Arvi's fascination with action heroes and "cool" people became his way of coping with being a misfit in Lumi. He tried to mimic their unshakeable image, and he felt it was pointless to share his struggles with his siblings or the developers. He saw it as confronting an iceberg, fearing their words would only wound him further.