Amada Kokoro

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Company Mascot
General Information
NameAmada Kokoro
BirthdayFebruary 4 (Age 16)
Represents🇺🇸 AMD
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDark Green

Amada Kokoro (Japanese: 愛真田心) is a character that represents AMD, an American company that notably makes microprocessors and graphics processors.


Her first formal mention was in an Akiba-PC article[1] from March 22, 2012, announcing her debut in an event hosted by the Dospara Computer Shop, AMD Spring Homebrew Support Event - Which Side Are You? (AMD 春の自作応援イベント 〜あたなはどっち派?〜), in which Amada Kokoro Clear Files were distributed free of charge. However, a Twitter account for her was already created some time on February 2012[2], with her first Tweet made on March 6.

A blog for Amada, titled AMD School Blog (AMD学園のブログ), was created on July 2012[3][4]. She posted there some AMD news and her diary.

She is not the first AMD supporting character, Ikina being another one that was created in 2009, though the Akiba-PC article mentions that her activity considerably decreased at the time Amada appeared. In a similar fashion as Nanami Madobe, both characters are not endorsed by AMD itself and often referred with terms like "Unofficial Support Character".


Amada is 16 years old (born February 4) and attends the AMD School (currently a 2nd year high school student)[2]. She does not know much about PCs, and has an older brother who played with her a lot since she was little and whose hobby is computers, so she wants to study hard to become more knowledgeable in this subject and talk with him a lot more[1].

She is a classmate of Aoi Matsukaze (松風 碧), who represents the Softmap company, and Hatsumi Suhara (須原 初美).

Her favorite food are ice cream, crepes, kebabs, and grilled meat.


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