OS-tans.moe now has a mascot!

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OS-tans.moe now has a mascot!

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Say hello to Mona, the OS-tans.moe-tan!

So, I had the idea to create a mascot for/personification of the site so we don't have to choose an arbitrary OS-tan for the Favicon and other main logos, and simply because it is cool.

I hope that you appreciate her! I am not an artist so my art is certainly not the best, and I would love if someone much more skilled than me ever draws her!

  • Age Range: 18-25, born October 29;
  • Measurements: 164 cm, 58 kg;
  • Personality: a serious, organized girl, that is also cordial and always happy to share her extensive knowledge in her fields. Behind her professionalism hides a passionate geek that can get carried away when she finds the missing thing in her collection or learns something new;
  • Hobbies: OS-tans, computer science, technology (in particular, vintage computing), collecting things in these fields;
  • Occupation: IT Museum Curator.