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The Moeverse Mascots

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This is the Topic dedicated to the Moeverse Mascots! You can post Fan Artworks of them here, celebrate their Birthdays, or something else as long as you respect them.

Note that the Moeverse itself does not have a Mascot... I am not sure if I will make one someday, but feel free to make an Unofficial one and share it here Lol

Image Mona
The Mascot of
  • Age: 20, born October 29;
  • Measurements: 164 cm, 58 kg;
  • Personality: a serious, organized girl, that is also cordial and always happy to share her extensive knowledge in her fields. Behind her professionalism hides a passionate geek that can get carried away when she finds the missing thing in her collection or learns something new;
  • Hobbies: OS-tans, computer science, technology (in particular, vintage computing), collecting things in these fields;
  • Occupation: IT Museum Curator.
Image Emma
The Mascot of...
  • Age: 19, born December 29;
  • Measurements: 165 cm, 57 kg;
  • Personality: a bold and assertive girl, who always goes straight to the goal and says what she thinks;
  • Hobbies: Mathematics, Philosophy, Politics;
  • Occupation: Msc Student in Mathematics.
Image Gina
The Mascot of
  • Age: 19, born December 29;
  • Measurements: 163 cm, 57 kg;
  • Personality: a gentle, curious and creative girl who tends to live in her own world, though she has no issue interacting with anyone;
  • Hobbies: making all kinds of devices, machines and robots, Artificial Intelligence, Psychology, Programming, World Building;
  • Occupation: Bsc Student in Mechanical Engineering.
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