Tōko Returns to the Future (concept)

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Tōko Returns to the Future (concept)

Post by vistairoha »

Since Windows 10 is getting closer and closer to the EOS date (October 14, 2025) and 22H2 is the last major update of Windows 10, I'm starting a campaign called "Tōko Returns to the Future!"

*What is the concept of Tōko Returns to the Future?
Do you remember when Windows 10 first released? The OS-tan for Windows 10 (Tōko) came from 100 years to the future, and came to the year 2015 because she thinks that year is a technological turning point! Now, in the year 2025, when Windows 10 ends support, I'm thinking that Tōko Madobe has served her purpose and she will return to the year 2115 or 2125, but I'm not sure... Also, Windows 10 is my favorite OS and I'm sad to see it end support.

*Why are you hosting this campaign?
Since Windows 11 released (October 5, 2021), there was no official OS-tan, so fans have to create her themselves (the best known Windows 11 OS-tan is Ichika Madobe by Karv). And when Windows 8.1 ended support (January 10, 2023), they did not host a graduation campaign for the twins (Yū and Ai Madobe) and they did not graduate, but at least they made graduation fanart, but only for Yū... They think Yū personifies Windows 8.1 and Ai personifies Windows 8, but I think Yū personifies Windows 8 and Ai personifies Windows 8.1. So, it's very unlikely that we'll get a graduation campaign for Tōko Madobe, since again, they didn't make a official Windows 11 OS-tan...

What do you think?
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